Thanks for wanting to get in touch! Here's a few different ways you can get a hold of me.

Email: [email protected]

General purpose contact. If your message isn't spam (and doesn't land in Spam) I'll likely respond within a week. Feel free to bump if you don't hear back.

Email: [email protected]

If you want to discuss in a business context, use this email.

Telegram: @samczsun

Ah, so you're into cryptocurrencies. I prefer using Telegram for anything related to cryptocurrencies and you'll probably hear back quicker than via email if it's just a quick question.

Discord: samczsun#0001

I get a lot of spam on Discord so unless I'm expecting a message from you, I might not always accept your friend request.

LinkedIn: samczsun

My profile's pretty barren but if you're a LinkedIn power user and want to connect, feel free. One caveat - I only accept connections from people I've worked with professionally or otherwise.

Twitter: @samczsun

My Twitter account is exclusively for pushing updates. I don't respond to tweets or DMs, although I may follow up with you on a different platform if we're connected elsewhere.